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THINK TANK Consulting

#FORTSCHRITT has adapted the functionality of a think tank
for the purpose of consulting. This kind of consulting merges the advantages
of heterogeneous thinking with our solution-oriented, hands-on mentality.

Our approach combines diversity with creativity
as well as industrial expertise for individual, tailored solutions.

In this way, our work pursues a consistently forward-looking approach.
Targeted analyses of disruptive developments are our basis for advanced consulting.

In this way, #FORTSCHRITT develops solutions that combine high practicality
with an elaborated "view beyond the box".

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Connection of processes
and digital business models
with high scalability for the user, direct customer contact
as well as increased efficiency.

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icon expansion


Whether in new markets,
with new products,
through inorganic growth
or with new business models -
the aim is to generate new market potential.

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icon strategie


Joint development
of visions, goals
and structures to be
prepared for future challenges.

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icon innovation


For us, innovation is the capitalisation of ideas – that’s #FORTSCHRITT.
We are the avant-garde that creates and industrializes
fresh ideas in a new and individual manner.

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Start Up

Start Ups are characterized by their dynamic, innovative
power and steep growth curve. Enterprises, in contrast,
by their process and industrialisation security.
#FORTSCHRITT allows an exchange between both worlds.

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Vision – Mission


icon vision

As a think tank consultancy, we consider ourselves as an avant-garde for success strategies. Taking into consideration the highest values, our motivation is to successfully prepare the economy for future trends.


icon mission

Our commitment to quality focuses on cooperative and loyal cooperation. Our team bridges the divide between personal collaboration with the customer and the strategic depth in the development of sustainable solutions.

We are convinced that our tailor-made solutions by experts with different competences are necessary to respond to changes within individual markets and environments.




icon fortschritt

#FORTSCHRITT means the positive development and management of your challenges within the framework of our competences, our experiences and our values.


Our customer list mirrors the versatile expertise of our employees: it ranges from Start Ups and SMB to corporate groups.
A sample of our  references can be found below:

  • Referenzen

    Training and Coaching

    Optimisation of the evaluation methods of customer needs and satisfaction.

  • Referenzen


    System catering solution for a gourmet food chain in the form of a PaaS business model concept approach.

  • Referenzen


    Conception of a ‘Freemium’ business model as an extension of the market potential for the core product which led to an increase in customers by the use of “for Free” proposals.

  • Referenzen


    Digitalization of a business model to increase sales and engage directly with customers.

  • Referenzen


    Strategic reorganisation to implement an IT change management project.

  • Referenzen

    Real Estate

    Development of new service products as well as development of new business segments through value adding services in the premium segment (Smart Home).

  • Referenzen


    Development of a comprehensive customer relationship management concept including acquisition strategy.

  • Referenzen

    Training and Coaching

    Business development in the field of education. Transformation of a business field for subsidized educational programmes.

  • Referenzen


    Optimisation of internal processes for the expansion of business activity in care services. Market access through product development in the intensive care segment.

  • Referenzen


    Development of a strategic concept for orientation and forecast of developments regarding Connected Car & Intermodal Mobility.

  • Referenzen


    Conception of a strategic supplier management with global application including assistance of the operational implementation.

  • Referenzen


    Reorganisation & alignment of the R&D department with 100 employees for efficiency and ROI optimisation.

  • Referenzen


    Brand concept to launch emotional branding at a medium-sized company with > 5000 employees in the B2B segment.

  • Referenzen


    Development of an online retail strategy with regard to the portfolio and placement according to the brand strategy in the market.

  • Referenzen


    Implementation of a retail strategy for the online and offline presentation of products using multi-channel placement.

  • Referenzen

    Public Services

    Reconception of the strategic orientation of a large military unit in the realm of international politics.

  • Referenzen

    Public Services

    Conception and implementation of an analysis product (Big Data and Data Mining) for Corporate Security at the Strategy & Analysis Department of the German Armed Forces.

Global Partners

#FORTSCHRITT has partners worldwide - in Brazil, Singapore, China and the United Arab Emirates. This enables us to provide our customers with direct on-site support.

Through our partners, we are able to manage market penetration, international projects and global strategies worldwide.

kooperationen imagemap Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Dubai, United Arab Emirates Beijing, China Singapore

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Legal and technical consulting for European plant construction and the automotive industry in South America.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Consulting for ecologically sustainable business development and venture capital in the Arab world.

  • Beijing, China
    Private equity consulting for Chinese and European companies with a focus on automotive and plant engineering.

  • Singapore, Singapore
    Behavioral Coaching Agency for Management and Intercultural Integration Trainings in Asia.

Advisory board

EBC Spiess 1238

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Spieß

Professor of Marketing & Event at the EBC University, Berlin.

Expert for corporate culture, value management and generation resource management.


Rudolf Kriszeleit 001

Dr. Rudolf Kriszeleit

Attorney-at-Law, Dipl.-Econ. / former Hessian Secretary of State for Justice and Integration / Former Director of Hessian  “Förderbank”, former managing director of MBG Hessen.

Expert in law and finance.

Mathias Ottitsch

Dr. Matthias Ottitsch

COO Marley Spoon, former Vice President of Bombardier and McKinsey.

Expert for Strategic Management.



We have vacancies for qualified employees.

As a Think Tank consultancy in the field of business development, we are constantly looking for qualified candidates.
We attach great importance to experience as well as professional and social skills, which increase the performance and quality of our team.
Please feel free to submit your application.

In addition, #FORTSCHRITT offers the option of practical support for studies and  dissertations (Bachelor & Master).
Exciting topics on capitalizable innovations, digital business models or Start Up developments are of particular interest to us.


Apply now!

Die Gründer

» per aspera ad astra «

Die beiden Gründungspartner Matthias Achim Teichert und Daniel Brugger verstehen sich als primus inter pares. Das Team ist gezielt auf eine Multi-Partner-Struktur ausgelegt, sodass gemeinsam und kontinuierlich zukunftsorientierte Lösungen entstehen, die einen dynamischen #FORTSCHRITT ermöglichen.


Fortschritt GmbH

Office Frankfurt
Kaiserstraße 50
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69 24 24 62 22

Office Berlin
Gitschiner Straße 92
10969 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 67 79 52 33

Mail: kontakt@fortschritt.co



Fortschritt GmbH

Office Frankfurt
Kaiserstraße 50
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69 24 24 62 22

Office Berlin
Gitschiner Straße 92
10969 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 67 79 52 33

E-Mail: kontakt@fortschritt.co

Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main
HRB: 105450

Tax number.: 045 233 40 399
VAT number: DE 30 627 1253

Managing directors: Daniel Patrick Brugger, Matthias Achim Teichert

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